Health Care

From the specialist’s practice to the metropolitan hospital, whether it is new construction, a remodel or changes in environments that are already providing urgent health care, Intellicom has the experience to deploy the intelligent solutions you require. Our solutions are all designed with the end-user in mind. From the technology to the aesthetics, Intellicom has the ability to meet your needs.

We collaborate with you to design, develop, deploy and manage structured cabling systems that meet your current and future needs. We help you understand industry trends and standards – and how they can be deployed to maximize your investment, scalability and functionality.

Our AV systems feature the latest in display technology inclusive of front and rear projection, large format LCD and Plasma flat panel displays, video walls, and LED screens. We work with you to determine the most appropriate type and size display to meet your visual requirements.

We strategize with your security, IT and facilities groups to design, deploy and manage security systems that allow the greatest degree of manageability, flexibility, and control over your most important assets. We have a variety of cloud-based and on-premise solutions to allow you end-to-end and integrated access control, surveillance, and monitoring – with end-user focused solutions that put control at your fingertips.

We provide comprehensive installation services for the integration of all of the systems in your space. Intellicom is a licensed low voltage and security systems contractor by North Carolina and has the capabilities and resources to deploy projects of any size from single rooms to entire facilities. We are experienced in all aspects of general construction and have completed projects ranging from new construction through remodels and renovations. We are experienced and comfortable working with design and construction teams and provide comprehensive project management services to ensure the success of each of our integrated projects.

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