Jeramie Slaughterbeck

I’m a dad to 3 children, two girls that are 19 and 9, a son that is 16. I live in Harnett county and have been in this area for 14 years. Originally from Ohio born and raised.

I started in the security industry 14 years ago when security wasn’t a necessity nor a requirement. I have seen the security world evolve from “not needed but would be nice” to being a requirement for auditing purposes. I started as a tech in the field then moved to project management to operations management, then on to engineering. My career has been highly involved in the security industry and helping customers with the changes along the way from analog to IP to web hosting for the access control needs.

Some of my projects details include- global customers, local customers, remote programming for local/global customers for hospitals, research companies, and Industrial applications.

I’m aware of the importance of customer service and helping to guide the customer in the correct direction for now and into the future for growth while protecting their assets and provided what is needed while staying within budget.

I hold certifications in:

CompTIA Network+
ExacqVision NVR’s
Panasonic NVR’s
Feenics Access Control
RS2 Access Control
HES Locking Hardware
March Networks
Brivo Access Control

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