Best Security Company in Greensboro

Greensboro is one of the largest cities in North Carolina, notable for towering complexes like the Four Seasons Town Centre, a shopping mall with over a million square feet of shopping space, and the Greensboro Coliseum Complex. Its central location in North Carolina makes it a popular headquarters for businesses, and those businesses need reliable security, which is why Greensboro businesses frequently turn to Intellicom.

Security for Businesses in Greensboro

If you have a business in Greensboro, you need to protect it. Whether you have valuable equipment or sensitive data, almost every business has assets. It’s vital the wrong people do not get their hands on it. Today’s criminals are extremely sophisticated, which is why mere key locks on the doors will not do. You need solutions like video surveillance, high-tech alarms and commercial access control in Greensboro.

How do Intellicom’s high-tech solutions protect your Greensboro business? Our certified security engineers can establish a complete security plan to suit your business’ needs and budget. This can include traditional alarms and motion sensors that activate automatically to scare off intruders and alert security personnel to a potential breach, video surveillance with high-definition level cameras that record information safely to the cloud, linked to 24/7 monitoring so authorities can get to the source of an unauthorized intrusion fast, and sophisticated access control.

Our intelligent access control systems give you complete control over your facility, with the power to determine exactly who can go where in your building and when. Once you partner with Intellicom to develop the security you need, you’ll enjoy ultimate peace of mind knowing your assets are completely safe, even while you are home or at a remote location.

Data Center Services, AV and Network Cabling in Greensboro

Our high-tech digital solutions also include the ability to easily and efficiently handle all of your telecommunications needs. We have BICI RCDD engineers to set up your structured cabling in Greensboro, and our staff and technology are as top-of-the-line as any AV companies in Greensboro. Call Intellicom now and we can schedule your security installation, audio-visual solutions, and even data center plans at the same time, so you can concentrate on growing your actual business.

Contact Intellicom for Security Services In Greensboro Today

If you’re not taking advantage of Intellicom’s wide range of high-tech security and telecommunications solutions in North Carolina, you may fall behind other North Carolina companies who already do. Get the Intellicom edge by filling out a contact form today so we can get started planning a complete security and telecom system for your successful business.


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Intellicom For Security Services in NC

Winston-Salem is a city with a heavy technological investment and one with many thriving major businesses, including Krispy Kreme Donuts, Blue Rhino, Lowes Foods and Reynolds American. These businesses and many others throughout the Winston-Salem area require security. Businesses who know security know that the best choice among security companies in Winston, N.C. for business is Intellicom.

Video Surveillance, Alarms & Access Control in Winston, N.C.

When you’re trying to protect your business, you need a complete security solution. Intellicom’s certified security engineers can set up a complete system of alarms and motion sensors to scare off intruders and alert everyone on the premises when someone is attempting a breach, but we can offer much more, including:

Video Surveillance

High-quality IP cameras capture everything and record it safely to the cloud, where you can access the footage whenever you need it.

Video Monitoring

Paired with video surveillance, you’ll enjoy complete peace of mind, even after hours when your business is unattended and you are far away. 24/7 monitoring of your video feed is like having eyes watching your entire business all the time, ready to alert you and the proper authorities as soon as an attempted intrusion is established.

Access Control

Gain much more security and control over your building than a mere lock-and-key system can provide. Our security experts can design and install a complete card access system that will prevent anyone unauthorized from entering restricted areas, while allowing approved personnel to move freely throughout the facility.

If you’re not sure which security solutions are right for you or the best way to distribute them, our experienced experts can help. We’ll assess your facility and work with you to come up with the perfect solution that meets your needs.

Intellicom for Telecom in Winston, N.C.

Another way we offer safety and convenience is by being a full-service answer to your search for communications companies in Winston-Salem. If you need your network cabling sorted out, call Intellicom, and our BICSI RDD engineers will set up a structured cabling system that will increase your communications efficiency and improve your workflow. If you need audio-visual solutions, Intellicom has a wide array of high-tech digital options for your applications. We offer these telecommunication solutions and much more.

We'll Solve Your Security & Telecommunications Problems!

You have a lot to focus on when it comes to your growing business in Winston-Salem. Let us take your security and telecommunications concerns off the table. To get started, you just have to let us know. Contact us online with our simple form, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible to talk about the best solutions to your business security and telecommunications issues.


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Best Security Company in Wilmington

Wilmington may be most famous for its riverfront along the Cape Fear River, which features the Riverwalk, a one-mile-long strip that is extremely popular with tourists. The many tourists that visit Wilmington help support the many businesses of Wilmington, the most knowledgeable of which know that when you’re looking for security companies in Wilmington, N.C., the company to contact is Intellicom.

#1 Wilmington N.C. Security Company

If you’re looking for commercial security in Wilmington, N.C., Intellicom has everything you need. Intellicom has the high level of technology and skilled personnel to assess your company’s weak points and design a plan complete with solutions for alarming your property, providing video surveillance and setting up access control in Wilmington, N.C.

Choose Your Preferred Security Solutions

Our certified security engineers partner with you to determine which security solutions are right for you. Perhaps you are interested in a traditional alarm system. We can set you up with a complete array of alarms and motion sensors that can deter even the most determined criminals. If you’re interested in video surveillance, we have state-of-the-art cameras with high-grade resolution and cloud storage, as well as 24/7 video monitoring to alert you and the authorities as soon as a genuine breach attempt takes place.

If you need an access control system that’s sophisticated and difficult to bypass but easy to use, we can easily set up card access that lets you know exactly who is going in and out of your facility and when, and only allows the right people access to the right places at the right times. Our goal is your complete satisfaction and sense of safety when it comes to your security

Intellicom for Telecom Solutions in Wilmington, N.C.

The many benefits of Intellicom for your Wilmington, N.C. business aren’t limited to security. Our digital telecommunications solutions can streamline multiple areas of your business. We can sort out your cabling with a structured cabling system that will keep you organized and simplify your communications system. Our BICSI RDD engineers can do the job right and get you going fast. We’re also more than happy to talk to you about audio visual solutions, data storage and more.

Contact Intellicom for Telecommunications & Security

If you’re suffering from a confused and disorganized telecommunications system, you’re worried about security leaks, or both, it’s time to contact Intellicom. We can solve all these problems quickly so you can focus on your company’s true business. Just contact us online right now and fill out our easy contact form. We’ll get back to you right away to discuss your ultimate security and telecommunications solutions.


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Avoiding Security Scams In North Carolina

If you own a business in North Carolina areas like Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Charlotte, you need to know who provides the best security in NC. A business without security is asking for problems, and NC security companies know it. Unfortunately, so do scammers. An increasingly popular scam is for an unsavory individual or team to gain access to your business by pretending to be a security company.

Their real goal is to rip you off. Here are some of the top ways to ward off security scammers and make sure this doesn’t happen to you and your business:

  1. Know your local security companies. For example, Intellicom, Inc. has operated in the Durham, NC area since the 20th century. You know we’re a real company you can trust. If you don’t recognize the name of a security company, be wary.
  3. Before continuing to engage with someone claiming to represent a security company, ask to see their ID and scrutinize it carefully. Any legitimate security company will have clear ID tags identifying their employees.
  5. Do not let salespeople or maintenance people into your facility unless you have solicited them. If someone from the security company just stops by claiming it’s “time for maintenance,” call the number you have for the security company to verify before going any further. There is no reason for a serviceperson to show up unannounced. If the person is a sales representative, let them talk to you outside. If you like what they have to say, tell them you’ll call the company to schedule a follow-up appointment.
  7. Know scammer tactics. Scammers have a number of ways to try to entice you or panic you into letting them into your business. They may offer you free security services — all you have to do is let them in to set it up! Or, they may tell you there’s been a recent breach and they need to update your system right away because you’re vulnerable. Thank them and tell them you will call the company yourself to arrange a demonstration or upgrade. Remember that if you do call, find the number yourself — don’t take the information from the potential scammer.


Call A NC Security Company You Can Trust

If you’re ready to take care of your business security issues right now in the RTP or other areas in North Carolina, get in touch with Intellicom. For nearly 20 years, we have been providing the best security products for businesses around. To learn more, contact us online today.

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