If you own a large business and are protecting your property with a standard key and lock system, it’s a good idea to consider access control solutions. For businesses, sophisticated access control can help protect you from industrial espionage, vandalism, theft and even liability. Here are five top benefits of access control for business.


1. Restricting Entrances and Specific Areas

Not all areas should be accessible to all employees. You may have sensitive information located in certain areas that lower-level employees should not have access to. You may require compartmentalization between departments for various reasons.


Whatever the reason, a simple “no admittance” sign is poor protection against employees violating protocol. With a quality access control system, you can set each entrance and area so that only those who are cleared for that area can get in.


2. Protecting Employees and Valuables

The whole point of having secured access to your building is to prevent unwanted intruders. Anyone who breaks in could make off with valuable property or assault an employee. A standard key lock is unlikely to deter an experienced burglar, but when they see an access control system that requires a card, key code or biometrics, they are more likely to look elsewhere.


3. Control Employee Access

Besides not wanting employees entering unauthorized areas, you may not want all employees to have access to the building or to certain rooms at certain times. With a good access control system, you can set the protocols so that a certain employee can only enter during his or her designated working hours, or so they cannot enter on the weekends. It’s up to you and whatever works best to control employee flow.


4. None of the Complications of a Key and Lock System

How many times have you dealt with lost keys or broken locks? These issues lead to lost time and productivity. With an access control system, you don’t have to worry about losing keys or jamming locks, because there are no keys. Even if you use a card reader system, it’s much easier to generate a new card than a new key — and you don’t have to physically change the locks.

 access control for businesses in nc

5. Increases Employee Efficiency

Access control systems are just faster than fumbling with keys and locks. Your employees can spend less time trying to get into the building and more time inside doing their work.

If you’re interested in access control systems in NC areas such as Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville, Greensboro, Durham, Wilmington and Chapel Hill, contact Intellicom, Inc. for a full range of security and access control solutions today.

It’s a new year and a new chance to buckle down and improve your business however you can. While profits and market improvement are always excellent goals for a business, one of the most essential things to improve on every year is your business’ security. However, security is a complex issue to handle.


Security Options To Your Business Safe

Figuring out exactly what you and your business need to keep your customers, employees and products safe can be a difficult process. Whether you need small business security services or solutions for a multi-facility enterprise, the question is always there: What are the best security solutions for my business?


With over 25 years providing security systems for commercial buildings, Intellicom has seen it all, and we can answer that question for you. Take a look at these five security systems we think every business should have in place:

 video surveillance through intellicom

1. Video Surveillance

Video surveillance likely seems like a no-brainer for most business owners. Most businesses have at least one camera in the store to take pictures in the event of a crime. Even the presence of a video surveillance system is enough to deter most would-be thieves from making a move. However, it could be time for an upgrade.


Whether you simply want a camera on the cash drawer or a complex system of video cameras capturing every nook and cranny of your business, HD-quality surveillance cameras on a modern system can help you get the job done better. Some of the benefits of high-quality video surveillance systems include:


  • Intruder Identification: We’re all familiar with the surveillance footage you see on the news every time there’s a local break-in. Half the time, the footage is grainy or black-and-white, and you can hardly make out any distinguishing features of the intruder. Take the guesswork out of the equation with high-quality footage. Capture detailed footage of your intruder from multiple angles to get the best image, and rest assured that you’ve caught the right person.


  • Operations Monitoring: Sometimes threats come from the most innocent places. Whether intentional or not, employees can pose as much a danger to your business as any thief or intruder, especially when you’re not around to keep an eye on things. Whether you’re just making sure the new employee is following procedure, or if you suspect something isn’t quite right with your inventory after a certain employee’s shift, keep an eye on things with an advanced video surveillance system. Keep cloud-based records of each day to review when you have a concern, or access video immediately to check in on how things are going. Your employee productivity should improve as a result.


  • Decreased Response Times: In combination with other security measures, video surveillance can help you and security personnel respond immediately and appropriately to any security breaches. Discover right away whether your alarm was triggered by a confused employee or a potential thief by simply bringing up the video when an alarm goes off and verifying the validity of the event so you or the police can respond appropriately.


  • Custom Solutions: Whether you’re a small business or a vast enterprise, video surveillance can help you. From HD video solutions to recording software to monitoring services, you can select the range of services needed for your business from how many cameras you need to how much support you want.


At Intellicom, we know the importance of constant quality video surveillance to your business’ security. That’s why we are one of the largest installers of IP video cameras and surveillance systems in North Carolina. Our HD-quality IP camera systems are designed to offer you the best security value for your dollar, linking up with intrusion detection systems and other security features to provide you with a complete protective system. We can even link your monitoring system to local emergency services, improving emergency service response times!



2. Access Control

While the traditional lock and key access style may seem like all you need to keep your business safe, in reality, you’re leaving yourself open to attack. Having a physical key leaves you vulnerable to key theft, while online tutorials make lock picking and key copying easier than ever. Additionally, every time you issue a new key to an employee, client or contractor, you increase the chances of someone with ill-intent entering your facility. With all of these possibilities, the lock and key system simply doesn’t cut it anymore. There is a better way.


With digital access control systems, you retain the power over your facility’s security. Access control for businesses feature additional control over:

  • Security: With an access control system instead of a lock and key system, you remove a host of potential security breach sources. Without a physical traditional key, there’s nothing for a thief to copy nor a traditional lock to pick. With everything digitized, they’d need a keycard to enter. Even better, with a digital system, you can control who can enter and when, locking certain people out of your building after hours. If you need to terminate an employee, you don’t need to worry about getting your keys back, either — simply turn off their key card and code access.


  • Access Levels: With a digital access code system, you can add a new level of personalization to your security system. Rather than handing a set of keys to a new manager or upper-level employee, expand their key card and code access to cover more doors and security levels. Keep low-level employees or clients from accessing high-level areas while giving full access to your most trusted associates.


  • Scalability: No matter how many access points your business has, an access system can handle it. Whether your business is in a simple two-door building or spans multiple buildings with hundreds of doors each, an access control system gives you the customizability and security you need to keep things running smoothly and securely.


  • Key Functionality: Whether you want to carry a physical key card or you prefer to use codes or biometric devices, you have options. You can use access tools by themselves or in combination to guarantee the level of security you want in your system.


With Intellicom, you can expect the best in scalable, intelligent access control systems. Our systems can cover anything from small businesses to multi-facility systems, covering up to to 10,000 access points with your choice of cards, keypads and biometric and REX devices. Even better, our systems work with an integrated security technology, so you can access your technology 24/7 from your computer or smartphone!


3. Intrusion Alarms


Protecting your business against unauthorized activity can feel like a monumental task. If you’re keeping track of physical keys, it can even feel impossible. Keep your business protected with security alarm systems. Similar to those you find in homes, intrusion alarm systems monitor your doors for unauthorized access and set off an alarm and an alert to authorities if an authorized code isn’t put in within a certain timeframe.


These digital alarms give you the power to:

  • Safeguard Your Equipment: Place coded alarms on all access doors. During business hours, these alarms can protect your inventory storage area from unauthorized access. After hours, your entrances are protected against intruders. Keep everything safe and secure with the protection of an intrusion alarm and the knowledge that a tripped alarm will have the police arriving in minutes.


  • Protect Your People: Do you have employees closing up shop alone or in small groups after the doors are locked down? Keep them protected with a system to deter would-be intruders, especially after dark —ensuring your employees stay happy and healthy.


  • Enhance Your Security: When used in combination with other security measures and systems, digital intrusion alarms can alert authorities as well as broadcast alarms over PA systems or take video surveillance footage of the would-be intruder.


Intellicom is the number one alarm company in Durham, NC, offering only the best security solutions to businesses throughout the state. Our systems work by themselves and in integrated security systems, bringing safety and protection to businesses of all sizes and types.


 pa speakers

4. PA Systems

You’re probably familiar with the public address systems used in schools and grocery stores to make announcements and play music, but what if we told you they had a place in more businesses? Public address systems allow you to broadcast information and music at the drop of a hat, communicating information and alerts as soon as possible to everyone at a location.

With a public address system, you too can:

  • Communicate Quickly: Need to remind your employees about an important meeting or lunch special? Want to announce a special occasion or sale? How about calling an emergency clean-up crew to the mess on aisle 7? Whatever you need done or announced, communicate it immediately with your employees over a PA system to get the message through.


  • Provide Ambiance: Whether you’re running a department, grocery or small convenience store, you want to create a mood that keeps your customers coming back for more. No matter the tone or brand of your business, you can amplify it with the right music, so amplify your music with an appropriate PA system.


  • Broadcast Alarms: If your building’s security has been reached or there’s an immediate danger to your employees or customers, you need to let them know as soon as possible. Whether you use simple alarm sounds or verbal codes, you need to be able to broadcast them to employees and affected staff as soon as the problem comes to your attention. That’s where a PA system comes in.


Intellicom installs PA systems with the location and business in mind. Nothing is worse than an unintelligible speaker system, so our premier PA installation teams at Intellicom know the acoustic science behind providing the best sound possible. Our installed PA systems offer premium sound quality with a simple user interface.


Our PA systems are simple in design, without the high-tech and complex audio equipment, yet they offer the best in quality sound. With our systems, you’ll find a telephone system with a paging adapter and a paging microphone as well as a mixer/amplifier and as many 70-volt 8 ohm speakers as your location needs.


5. Enterprise Solutions

 enterprise solutions

The larger your business, the more complex your security needs. If you have multiple locations or need active monitoring services, Intellicom’s enterprise-level security solutions make use of integrated security systems, using the above resources and more to provide your business with an enterprise-wide security solution suitable to your business’ needs. We offer a wide range of integrated solutions for your enterprise, including:


  • Software and Licenses: Need an integrated security software to keep your systems working together? Intellicom can offer you everything you need to access all of your business’ security needs and devices. Some of our services can even be accessed through an online portal or smartphone application, so you have access from anywhere.


  • System Design and Installation: When you have a large business or particularly specific security needs, consulting with a security expert is absolutely essential. Intellicom’s security professionals can help you determine the right equipment for your business and design your system to provide you with the best protection and coverage possible.


  • Monitoring and Detection: Need eyes on your business 24/7? We can link you with video monitoring services or hook your internal cameras to your perimeter intrusion detection system, centralizing your system and maximizing your protection.


Find out More About Your Security Needs

For over 25 years, Intellicom has been providing commercial security solutions to businesses throughout North Carolina. If you live in Raleigh, RTP, Charlotte and beyond, you likely have neighbors using our comprehensive security services. That’s because we offer the best equipment and provide the most knowledgeable staff in North Carolina. With our commitment to providing quality security solutions, businesses of all sizes and types benefit from our services.


From comprehensive security coverage for multi-facility enterprises to small business alarm systems, we can offer you and your business the best. That means:


  • The Best Professional Staff: With more than 80 years combined experience in telecommunications, Intellicom offers you the most experienced, professional staff available in NC. From our customer service staff to our security system engineers, we offer you the best in customer service while simultaneously delivering custom systems. Each of our security systems is specifically tailored to the operation at hand, meaning we don’t just cut and paste solutions, we design them from the ground up. We’ve seen everything the world has to offer, and we can protect your business appropriately.


  • The Best Technology: When it comes to security software, we know what the industry standard is, and we strive every day to meet or beat it. Our software solutions offer you the best in control and security, so you know what is going on in your business and are alerted as soon as there is a problem.


  • The Best Experience: For over 25 years, our customer satisfaction has remained at 100%. Each and every one of our security alarms functions as promised, and we can promise the same for your business.


Your business needs the best, and Intellicom is it. Contact us today for more information about setting up the best alarm system for your company.

telecom for the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical Security Solutions In NC

If you have a business in the pharmaceutical industry, you are working in a critical field with potentially sensitive information. Whether you are involved in research and development, manufacturing or distribution, pharmaceutical security solutions are vital. That’s especially true in the Research Triangle Park area in North Carolina, where important pharmaceutical advances can happen at any time.

Providing a security system for a pharmacy’s main distributor or research facility requires a company that understands the specific threats to these types of companies. Among security companies in NC, the one to trust with your pharmaceutical security is Intellicom.

Custom Security Solutions In NC From Intellicom

Intellicom can protect your installation with state-of-the-art security solutions such as IP video surveillance. Our IP video surveillance system allows you to virtually and completely cover both the exterior and interior of your facility with high-definition cameras. These cameras can capture any unauthorized movement or activity around your business and store it for easy access, with 24/7 monitoring.

Nothing happens in your facility without your knowing about it. We can also offer advanced access control systems to make sure critical areas of your facility are only accessible by personnel you choose to authorize.

We are also happy to offer additional security measures such as alarms and public address systems as well as modern audio/visual communications systems so all key personnel are connected and any unusual or unauthorized activity can be detected quickly.

Call Intellicom To Protect Your Pharmaceutical Business

If you have a pharmaceutical business in the North Carolina area that has insufficient protection, there’s no time to waste. Every moment you don’t have adequate security puts your business at risk. To find out how Intellicom can protect your business right away, contact us now for a free design & a quote!

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